Privacy Policy

Privacy PolicyAvant Solutions Inc. is committed to providing candidates the utmost in confidentiality throughout the search process. We respect the privacy of our candidates. Only Avant Solutions Inc. has access to resumes and related material submitted and residing on this site.

We are responsible for safeguarding information under our control but we cannot guarantee that all parties involved will maintain the same appropriate level of confidentiality throughout the search process. By accepting this Privacy Policy, candidates acknowledge that each job search, particularly the selection process, may have an inherit risk of exposure or an unforeseen breach of confidentiality beyond the control of Avant Solutions Inc.

Submittal of Confidential Information

Candidates have the option of submitting their own resume to this website. Resumes submitted in this fashion are handled through a secure Internet site, accessed only by Avant Solutions Inc. that incorporates data encryption for enhanced security on the Internet. For those candidates that do not wish to directly submit their resumes via this website feature, other methods continue to be acceptable. E-mail to:

Release of Information to Others

Candidates are assured that Avant Solutions Inc. will not release or sell information to third parties or unauthorized users. Additionally, we do not allow any form of open access to the candidate’s resume or other personal information. Only Avant Solutions Inc. will have access to the candidate’s information. Occasionally, it may be recommended we share the candidate’s resume and contact information with other recruiters to help facilitate the placement process.  In this case, the candidate’s information will only be shared upon verbal approval from the candidate. Otherwise, we will share the candidate’s information only with the client with whom the candidate has expressed interest.

Authorization for Reference and Background Checks

If you are identified by Avant Solutions Inc. as a potential candidate to be considered by our client, you will be asked to sign a release form allowing Avant Solutions Inc., our agents or our client, to conduct the necessary reference checks, background checks, and verifications (credit check, Department of Motor Vehicle review, civil and criminal litigation, national wants and warrants, education, certification or professional license verification) as needed to supplement your candidate profile. In accordance with applicable federal law related to identity theft, you will be provided with a copy of your credit report (if obtained). You acknowledge and agree to execute such release forms in order to continue to be considered a qualified candidate in this specific recruitment process. This process will be conducted in accordance with applicable federal and state laws.

Changes to Privacy Statement

Avant Solutions Inc. retains the right to periodically review and modify this Privacy Policy.  Updates will automatically appear on this page. To ensure that you are familiar with any modifications, it is advisable to view the Privacy Policy periodically.

Contact Information

If you have questions, comments or concerns about Avant Solutions Inc.’s Privacy Policy, please forward to:


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