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  • EVP & SVP Function
  • Mid & Senior-Level Management
  • Direct Sales Contributors
  • Account Managers
  • Pre-Sales / Sales Engineers
  • Operations
  • Professional Services / Consultants

  • Market Research
  • Voice of the Customer (VoC)
  • Enterprise Feedback Management (EFM)
  • Social Media Data Analytics
  • Retail/CPG Advanced Analytics
  • SaaS-based B2B Services
  • Total Workforce Management Solutions

Recruiting plans

  • Retained: Our top priority. This plan is for an urgent situation, or for a sensitive case in which confidentiality is paramount. We serve as your company’s direct recruiting resource. Fee is computed at 30% of projected first-year compensation. You pay us 1/3 to initiate the search, 1/3 when the candidate begins employment, and the remaining 1/3 at 30 days after candidate begins employment. This plan is the most favored of searches because it produces immediate and very focused efforts in critical situations.
  • Contingency: We refer candidates who most closely match your company’s requirements. We act as your agent in arranging interviews, briefing and debriefing candidates, assisting with reference information, and negotiating the offer. If you hire someone we’ve presented, our fee is 25% of projected first-year compensation. If you hire someone through another source, no fee is due. This plan is good when urgency is not imperative.
  • Discount contingency: Fee is computed at 18% of projected first-year compensation. You pay us 1/3 now. We recruit and refer candidates, and provide assistance throughout the interview/hiring process. When our candidate begins employment, the balance is due. If you hire someone through another source, we’ll maintain your initial payment as a non-refundable credit for 6 months. This plan is popular for those who need candidates but would like to recruit from their own sources as well.
  • Referral only: Fee is 6% of projected first-year compensation. We will submit at least five candidates within a 30-day period. If you hire someone we’ve referred, our charge is an additional 10% of first-year compensation. Should you request additional services such as coordinating interviews, obtaining candidate feedback or assisting in negotiations, reference checks, etc., additional charges will apply. This plan is ideal for those clients who need names and contact information only, and are capable of handling the hiring process from there.


To ensure each search is successful, we utilize our proven 16-step search process outlined below

  1. Perform a needs analysis
    • Determine qualifications the client seeks
    • Understand compensation package and determine if competitive
    • Discuss potential companies and candidates which to search from
    • Address/Discuss/Agree on the most effective and efficient hiring process
    • Understand search process expectations from both sides
    • Determine critical success factors of opportunity, any training procedures, and on-boarding processes for the new hire.
  2. Determine how to present opportunity
    • Collectively discuss and strategize how to get star candidates excited by company and opportunity
  3. Agree on search terms
    • Address and discuss mutually acceptable and beneficial search agreement
  4. Candidate Acquisition Process**
    • Research companies and identify viable candidates
    • Develop live and voicemail presentation
    • Cold call target companies and identify potential candidates performing similar job responsibilities- Predatory source from competitors, finding passive candidates that are not actively looking or even considering a job change
    • Engage candidates and develop relationships to gain trust
    • Conduct in-depth candidate interview and understand candidate’s background, key accomplishments, personality, motivation for change (MFC), and goals for their career
    • Perform personality and background assessment to determine qualifications for opportunity and more importantly if individual culturally fits with the client company and hiring manager
    • If assessment supports an ideal fit and match for the position, confirm candidate’s interest in exploring further.
  5. Present qualified candidate(s) to client, including strengths and weaknesses analysis, and current salary/bonus information
  6. Extensively prepare candidate for each interview
  7. Prepare client for interviews including candidate’s hot buttons, motivation for change, etc.
  8. Debrief candidate after each interview- discuss positives/negatives of interview, areas of concern, and any other opportunities they are considering, and where this position ranks on their list
  9. Debrief client after each interview, discuss positives/negatives of interview, share candidate feedback, and discuss next-step plans and objectives
  10. Conduct in-depth reference checks and provide results to the client
  11. Consult/address any potential counter-offer issue throughout the entire hiring process
  12. Make verbal offer and obtain firm candidate acceptance
  13. Confirm acceptance of written offer through emailed copy
  14. Follow-up on candidate resignation to ensure a timely start date
  15. If needed or desired, offer free relocation assistance and new location information to the candidate
  16. Conduct a post-project analysis of the entire search process
    • What went right with the search process
    • What went wrong with the search process
    • Share true perception of client in the market
    • Provide solutions to improve client’s ability to attract top-notch talent

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